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Cultural Centers & Campus Design

Vietnam Provinces

Size:  from 80 ha to over 450ha

Scope:     Lead  Masterplan  &  Architecture

The International Education Centers were envisioned to be developed across Vietnam provinces. Ranging between 80ha and over 450ha the Campuses have been programmed with Academic facilities – from early education to Highschool, International Universities, Vocational Colleges, Dormitories, Edu-Farm, Sports Complex.

The Administration building located at the core of the campuses will house Theatres with pre-function & Café, Admission Hall and Administration Services. 

The inspiration for Campuses' Masterplan and Architecture draws upon each province unique beauty and traits in the grand tapestry of  Vietnam traditions and culture. 

The Exuma Community Centre

Georgetown I The Exuma

Site area:  1.5 ha

GFA:         1,500 sqm

Scope:      Vision Site Plan &  Architecture

The proposed Community Center is located on the shoreline of Georgetown,  overlooking Eddie's Bay. The nearby community park and basketball court  were upgraded and incorporated into the Exuma Community Centre development redevelopment.

Designed to support the youth and local families with Indoor & Outdoor facilities, the Community Centre housed activities such as the Arts & Crafts workshops, Computer Room, Performing Arts Studio, Outdoor Garden and Learning Experiences Pod, Refreshment Lounge & Terrace, and a small pontoon providing sailing lessons.

Museum & Lodge

Kuelap I Peru

Site area:  1,400 sm

GFA:         3,500 sqm

Scope:      Competition

Raising in front of the Kuelap citadel ancient walls, the sculptural tower was designed as a museum and shelter for the weary travelers.

The Museum part of the complex, is carved at the base of the tower blending with the natural surrounding terrain.

The Lodge rests atop the museum on a small footprint, providing accommodation for 20 rooms, a small dining room and public facilities.

One of the special requirements of the competition was to provide access to the top of the citadel without altering, in any way, it's ancient walls.

The proposed solution was a retractable bridge connecting the Tower with the top of the Kuelap citadel.

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