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Mixed-Use Development

Riyadh I Saudi Arabia

Site area:  1.8mil sqm

GFA:         650,000 sqm

Scope:      Lead Masterplan & Architecture

SABIC was developed atop one of the beautiful plateaus North of Wadi Hanifa, South-West of Riyadh.

The site illustrates 3 major zones:

  • The Expats Zone - Hotels, Condos, Townhomes Complex, Amenities

  • Saudi Residents Compound - Luxury Single Family Residences

  • Amenities Zone - a large area centrally located dedicated to shared Sports and Cultural Facilities

The proposed Masterplan design places the Expats Zone at the lower part of the site, while the elevated plateau was reserved for Sports Complex and  Saudi Residences Compound.

Project completed with HOK   Role: Lead Master Planner/Design Architect

Violet Valley
Mixed-Use Development

Phu Quoc I Vietnam

Site area:  71 ha

GFA:         620,000 sqm

Scope:     Lead Masterplan & Architecture

VIOLET VALLEY is an award-winning development on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. The project boundary incorporates natural features with dramatic topography such as the Soldier Mountain natural reserve with streams carving through the site.
The Mixed-Use development programme combines predominantly Single & Semidetached Villas, Sky-villas Clusters, Shophouses, Condotel, Motels, Apartment Complex, Tourist Centre, Village Centre and Public Amenities.

Project completed with B+H   Role: Lead Master Planner/Design Architect

Umm Al Quwain
Mixed-Use Development

Sharjah I UAE

Site area:  1,200 ha

GFA:         21,600,000 sqm

Scope:     Lead Masterplan & Architecture

UMM AL QUWAIN is a Mixed-Use Development located north of Sharjah, UAE.
The development is envisioned along a 7.0km long man-made canal meandering through a diversity of residential neighborhoods which combines Low & Mid-Density Residential (Villas, Townhouses and Apartments), Commercial - Retail, Hospitality, Cultural Facilities, Beachfront Village and a Resort Hotel island.
Public Amenities are strategically located alongside the Canal - Schools, Mosques, Community Centres and Parks.

Project completed with B+H   Role: Lead Master Planner/Design Architect

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